Life as a Bakers Wife

Saturday, January 17, 2009

What Kind of Shopper?......

Playing along with the challenges over at the Sweet Shoppe, I took a quiz to see what type of shopper I am. Well.......

You Are a Discount Shopper
You love to get things as cheaply as possible. You live for sales.
It's partially because you like to save money, but it's also because you like the thrill of finding a fabulous deal.

Of all the types, you tend to shop frequently but rarely by. You keep an eye on prices.
Brand names are not that important to you. You know how to have style without collecting designer tags.

We all knew that one was coming! Hey I am proud to say that I love a good clearance sticker. Some of my favorite things I have gotten on Clearance. So if you wanna know what kind of shopper you are go check it out.