Life as a Bakers Wife

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Crazy Day

Wow! what a day! I get a phone call at work from my sons school right after lunch telling my that he was having asthma problems and that they gave him a breathing treatment. OK no problem I will come up and get him and see how he's doing. So I drive to the school and right before I get there I pull up behind an ambulance with its lights on. OK. I followed it all the way to guess where. The School! OK. That's not for mine, no problem. Get in the school and guess what? Yep! It was for mine! So several hours at the ER and 5 breathing treatments later we are home and he is doing much better. The problem is nothing is ever easy with my kiddo. He has a vocal cord dysfunction and acid reflux, both causing major problems with bronchiospasms and anxiety. So I have to try and keep him calm and watch his diet while he waits to be seen by a specialist next month. That is unless we have any problems tonight or tomorrow then we are on our way to Children's hospital by order of his pediatrician. I'm hoping for a good night!

After I came home and ate dinner I sat down and finished a couple of pages I had been working on of my nephew. (Scrapping is good therapy) The first one is Vinny after he had his bath and his mommy was trying to brush his crazy hair. The second are some beautiful pictures my sister got of him yesterday when he was visiting them.

It's a Grey's night so I'm hoping to get to chill out and grab a blanket, curl up on the couch and watch my shows. Have a great one!