Life as a Bakers Wife

Thursday, April 2, 2009

FOBTY Challenge

TV Shows that I have seen every episode of or obsess over! Wow lets see

1. GREY'S ANATOMY - Everyone knows not to call or visit, even the kids know not to get sick or need me for at least that hour (alright I'm not that bad) I Love this show I even have them all on DVD so I can watch them again and again!

2. ER - I have loved this show from the very beginning, I am so sad that it is ending tonight :( Even through the years I have been a faithful follower of the Dr's at County General!

3. BROTHERS AND SISTER'S - I love this show! I started watching it by a fluke and haven't been able to stop.

4. AMERICAN IDOL - hubby and I watch this together. It's our quality time!

5.. GEORGE LOPEZ - I go to bed to this religiously

So There you go! It's interesting to see what every one's can't miss shows are.