Life as a Bakers Wife

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Easter Bunny has left the Building!

I hope every one's Easter was fabulous! I know mine was pretty great! Unfortunately my boys were at their Dad's for Easter Morning so I don't really have the all dressed up for Easter pictures of them. By the time they came home they no longer had their church clothes on, and well they looked like they do everyday!

I hosted Easter at my house this year and it was really nice! I invited my Grandmother over and she was able to come so that was very cool! Kimmy and I made homemade pierogies (YUM) and we had ham and all sorts of other good things. WE made these cute little Easter Egg lollipops out of cake balls and decorated them. They turned out so cute
Of course since they were an Easter Treat we made them out of Carrot Cake! What better way to suck up to the Easter bunny than with a treat made out of carrots, right? We had a lot of fun making them too.
I only have one LO done from all of the Easter pictures and its of my sweet nephew Vinny

Just look at that face! Is that not the cutest face! WE all know he is too young to understand what Easter is about or even who the Easter Bunny is, but his face says it all! WHOA! is that stuff for me?
I had to take AJ back to the DR.s today and they put him back on the prednisone. they just don't want to take chances and let things get worse. Then Alan came home from work sick, and shortly after that the nurse from the High School called and sent Nate home sick. I just can't win here!
Well I'm off too go do something, not sure what yet, but I'm sure it wont be too terribly fun probably dishes or laundry! YUCK!