Life as a Bakers Wife

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Challenge Catch Up!

OK Guys I have quite a few LO's to share tonight cause well I had to finish up my challenges at SSD tonight for April. I am happy to say I finished them and will be receiving the 40% coupon! Go Me!!!
First off I had my Emmie doodle tonight and decided to do an all about Emmie page. All of the questions you see were answered by her. And to make it right I actually took her picture while she was here so it was all current. Look at that smile, I would like to say she is a natural, but well I think Gina just has her well trained!! LOL
(Credits: "Whats Your Story" by Heather Rosselli)
Next We have baby Vinny. Just look at that face! It like him saying what is that thing she's holding. Someday he will figure out its a camera! LOL So in the journaling it tells about what he might be thinking about all those crazy people always taking his picture.
(Credits: "Chillaxin" by Scrapkitchen, Eva Kipler, and Melissa Bennett)
The next two are Emmie all prettied up. One in her Easter Dress and the other in the adorable dress his momma made for her. Again she is such a doll. I love her so much! (I love Vinny so much too, and the Boys!)
(Credits: "Emma's Garden" by Scrapkitchen Designs)
(Credits: "Bug Out" by Melissa Bennett)
I hope you all have a goodnight. I'm gonna crawl in bed and watch Grey's Anatomy now. And I am sure we are all saying an extra prayer for our Papa right now! We Love you Daddy! Get Well Soon!