Life as a Bakers Wife

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Today was Opening Day for Worthington Baseball/Softball. I know It's one of my absolute favorite days. I so look forward to the start of baseball season. I haven't got to look at all of the pictures I took today but I wanted to pull out a few quickly that I wanted to share.
This year Nathan is no longer in Little League. He is in the Junior League and he plays for the Red Sox. Being that we moved to McGrann this year we weren't sure if Nate could still play for Worthington. He was able to due to a rule they have that as long as you don't leave to play for another team and try and come back.
Today we played our first game, a scrimmage against the Senior League. It was an excellent game with a ending score of 14 to 15 the Seniors won it, but that's not too bad considering they are older and more experienced. So Great Job Guys.
Pappy wasn't able to come see Nate play so Nate hit a good one for him. He was up four times. Walked twice, base hit once, and struck out once. Not bad buddy.

Next Game Tuesday Night 6:00 at Home!