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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Silly Girl in a Box with a Dragon!

So I have really been getting into the challenges over at Sweet Shopppe Designs. They are really a great way to get the creative mojo flowing. Here is a LO I did for the Spin-A-Lift challenge.

(credits: "Smooches" by Mellisa Bennett at Sweet Shoppe Designs)

Here is a link to the LO I lifted by Di-ahh called "Just Looking Close"

Another cool challenge is the hybrid challenge. It encourages those of us who don't typically do hybrid projects to give it a try. And for those who do gives them new and exciting ideas. This challenge was to think inside the box. Really! It was on origami box made from paper. I found this super easy and will definitely find myself using it again. Here is my try at the challenge.

(credits: "Sweetest Heart" By Penny Springmann & Brandy Designs at Sweet Shoppe Designs)

The Challenge for today was to follow the rule of thirds. This one I struggled a little with because well I just like to put things on my page wherever. But on this page I tried to put the main focal points within the points of intersection. I also added my element cluster in the corner in threes and put on three felt stars. It may not be perfect but hey I tried!

(Credits: My Prince to the Rescue by Lauren Grier & Shawna Clingerman at SSD)

Nothing too exciting else going on. Same old, Same old. SO I guess I'm off to either go to bed or who knows maybe scrap some more. However, I need some new pics of Emmie and Vinny (hint hint)


Nikki said...

What a cute hybrid! I just cannot seem to get into the hybrid challenges but maybe I need to give it a shot :)

Lena said...

both of those are awesome! I'm impressed!

LuAnn said...

great job on the challenges Kris! I just can't get started on any challenges. too much stress in my life! hopefully will be able to in March!

Oh, and btw...I tagged you on my blog! LOL sorry :)