Life as a Bakers Wife

Friday, February 13, 2009

LuAnn tagged me!!!

The tag is that I am supposed to list 6 interesting things about myself and than link back to the one who tagged me and tag 6 friends. So, here are 6 things about me....

1. I am a twin, and even though we are not identical everyone thinks we are. She is my best friend and oddly enough we really can feel each others pains!

2. I currently work as a cook for the county jail, but my dream job is to be a neonatal nurse. Sadly It is not the best point in my life to return to school and pursue this.

3. I love music and in high school participated in show choir, chorus, and musical theatre. I dreamed to one day perform on Broadway, but picked up smoking as a bad habit and destroyed any chances for that ever happening.

4. I hate calling people I don't know on the phone! everyone I know thinks that I'm crazy because I am a highly outgoing person. But It takes me a while to warm up to new people, and since I don't know the person on the other end it makes me nervous. Now the people I do know can't get me off the phone!!...LOL

5. I have an addiction to Medical Drama's on TV. I have to watch my shows weekly and you can't bother me during them. ( Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, and ER) and I have almost every Season of these on DVD!

6. I am secretly having a love affair with Garth Brooks (OK I can dream can't I)

I don't really know too many other people who blog yet so again I will have to think on who to send this to. But At least I answered them :)