Life as a Bakers Wife

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lazy Day

I felt like giving my blog another face lift. I know I change it more than my son changes his socks! (just kidding) But it was a little warmer today and it got me thinking about spring. I know the stinkin groundhog says six more weeks of winter, but maybe he lied! Today was a little dull, no Steeler's to watch and NASCAR doesn't really start till next week! Congrats Kevin Harvick for his Shoot Out win last night. (My brother in law is a huge Harvick fan so I had to throw that in there for him.) The kids kind of all hung out and played Mario Kart on the Wii and the hubby and I kind of loafed. I did manage to scrap one page though. It is of Nate holding his baby cousin for the first time.

(credits: "Mud Pie" by Melissa Bennett at Sweet Shoppe Designs)

Tuesday AJ goes for his pulmonary function test at Children's so we will get the testing underway finally. I just hope they can get everything figured out and get him doing better quickly. Asthma alone is a scary thing but with all these other complications its been a real nightmare.

Well I suppose I should go get some laundry or something done, that way I can say I at least did something productive today.


Lena said...

that layout is absolutely darling! And LOL at the socks thing :p

ChloƩ said...

Beautiful blog and LO! Hope AJ's test will be fine!