Life as a Bakers Wife

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Little Buddies

Today has been filled with fun and excitement. AJ had yet another Doctors appointment today. He had to be put back on the prednisone and has to be out of school for the rest of the week which makes like two weeks in a row. In total he has missed darn near 40 days this year So as of this afternoon AJ is no longer in school he will be home bound taught for now. I'm not sure how it works but I know he will have tutors come to the house daily to help keep him up on his studies. I don't want to see him fail the school year for reasons out of his control, but I know its tough to be taken away from your friends and such. The doctors are telling us that AJ is like a puzzle with lots of pieces and we have to get all of these pieces and put them together to try and get him better but it will take time.

Well I got to keep Vinny overnight again the other night and that was fun. He is such a sweet little guy, and getting so big. I took a few pictures and of course I had to scrap them so here we go my new Vinny LO's

(Credits: "Any Which Way" by Traci Reed and Lauren Grier at SSD, Beadazzled Alpha: squared off by Traci Reed, and Date Bits by Misty Cato)

(Credits: "My Tea's Gone Cold" by Lauren Grier at SSD)

That's about it for now. Gonna go and watch group two tonight on American Idol and hit the sack.