Life as a Bakers Wife

Sunday, August 9, 2009

You did What????

After a very long Day Nate rests comfortably (well as comfortable as he can)
What? You wanna know what that blue thing is! Well This afternoon around 2:00 Nathan was hanging out in the living room at his Nana's and he lost his balance. Of course his first instinct was to try and catch himself! Yeah he snapped his wrist in two places. The one bone was pretty bad! So off Nana calls mom at work and I meet them up at Armstrong County Memorial. They quickly got Nate in and X ray ed him but everyone knew it was broke from just looking at it. The Dr. read the xray and confirmed what everyone already thought yes, Nate broke his wrist. Because of his age they quickly sent him down to the new Children's hospital in Pittsburgh where they set his wrist and cast it for him. The Dr.s feel it went well and we will go back in a few days to see how the healing is coming along.
It has been a super long day so I am off to bedd now, goodnight all
right after they cast him! He was so loopy