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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Part 1 - Indian Caverns

Part one of our trip today took place at Indian Caverns where we toured an old cave that Indians used to use. It was really cool seeing the different rock formations and learning a little about the history of the cave. We really had a really nice tour guide and really enjoyed the tour.
This formation they called the "Frozen Niagara"

Here the boys are checking out some Indian artifacts that were actually found in the cavern.
Stalactites - holds tight to the ceiling, Stalagmite - might get there someday (forms bottom to top)
This is a picture of the boys hitting the "Singing Rock" if you hit it in the upper corner it would ring like a bell it was really cool! It is considered to be good luck to hit it!
Nathan touching the "Dumbo"formation. The trunk is formed my a stalactite which are hollow. How cool is that?

When we finished the tour we had a picnic lunch and fed these crazy huge rainbow trout that were in the creek right near the cavern. It was really a good time! So that's part one! I am too tired to post part two right now so keep watching and see what we did after the Caverns :)