Life as a Bakers Wife

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Update on Nate Man!

First things first, Nathan is doing much better! We took him to Children's yesterday so they could check and see how the set looked. Dr. Ward said it looked good so he went ahead and let them cut the cast down below Nate's elbow. That made Nate extremely happy!
If you haven't seen the new Children's hospital I must say it is really beautiful! It is so kid friendly! For the latest FOBTY Challenge at SSD were supposed to show a photo or photos of someplace we have been lately, well here is mine, the new Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.

This photo is from the main lobby

and this is the hospital

We have to take him back next Tuesday to see how he's doing and I guess go from there. They said originally 4 to 6 weeks I imagine that depends on how quickly he heals. It's been quite and adjustment for him since he is right handed but he is managing.

Thanks so much for keeping my buddy in your prayers its gonna be a long tough road for him. I guess once he is all done with the cast he will have to go through some physical therapy to regain strength in his wrist. He is disappointed that now that summer weather has shown up he isn't allowed to swim or get his cast wet, also fishing is out for a bit, and bike riding and well lots of other fun things. Not easy things for a 13 year old to hear.

Well I am off to do something productive, I'm not sure what but I need to get my rear end away from the Good night!