Life as a Bakers Wife

Monday, August 31, 2009

Back to School: The AJ Way!

So just like Nate, AJ is being cyber schooled. So again we didn't have your typical back to school shopping! But AJ did need a few things to get the school year started.
First is the new hair cut! Even though he tried really hard to grow long hair, I think the summer got the best of him and on the hottest week we had this summer he decided it was time for a change! I guess it is supposed to be like the guy from the TV show "Burn Notice" I don't know but I do like it!Next the kiddo needed new shoes. Yes, he really did! Not like his brother who only thinks he needs new shoes. These are pretty cool! He picked them out himself!

I also let him pick a few school supplies out! Whats back to school without some new notebooks and folders?

Now comes his room! He wanted a cork board like his brother had in his room. So I got him them and put them up for him as well as a new "Halo Wars" poster. The last time I washed his bedspread it got all goofy and twisted so It was time to get a new one of those also.

His desk we rescued from his grandmothers house. She was gonna get rid of it if no one wanted it. So I claimed it!

And here is the new laptop! Pretty cool huh?

And here is a view of his room from the door. They really have been taking better care of their rooms! I hope they continue to do that, if they do I will be one happy momma! Notice who is hanging out on his bed!
Classes started today for the area kids, but the boys wont start until Thursday when they go for their orientation at the Administration Building. So they got a few extra days of Vacation!