Life as a Bakers Wife

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Part 2 - Caddy Shack

Part two of the day took place in Donegal, PA at Caddy Shack! We all had a lot of fun with the go-karts, bumper boats and mini golf! We stayed till around 8:30 and headed home stopping in Greensburgh for dinner. It was a very fun day! A lot of driving but its all done!
First stop in the park was the bumper boats! After a long hot drive it felt good to get a little wet!

They all ended up soaking wet! But had lots of fun!

They are never too old for Monster Trucks! Even wooden ones!

The Caddy shack Gopher!

Hey Hey Boo Boo

Get your racing face on!!
Berker and Weezel racing hard!

And for a brief second Aunt Berker was leading the pack!
Eat my Dust!
Look at AJ with his hair blowing in the breeze!

Were just lucky Nate's not 16 yet!!
Go Aunt Kimber Go!
Big Al starts us off on the Highlander Course

AJ putting his buddy Rocky (Yes he named the ball!)

Nate ended up with like three holes in one!

Eyeing up the holes!

Boogity, Boogity, Boogity, Lets go racing boys!

Big Al takes the lead!

Nate trying not to let Big Al pass him up!

It didn't work!

Uncle Mike racing hard!