Life as a Bakers Wife

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Some New LO's to Share

I'm sitting here waiting for my dryer to finish and AJ's teacher to come, but what I really want to be doing is sleeping! I slept horrible last night! I tossed and turned like crazy. I guess it doesn't help that I was up till after 1am loading my new ipod. While waiting for some of my CD's to upload to my itunes I finished a couple of pages.

First up is of Me, My mom, and my boys at their First Holy Communion.

(Credits: "Celebrate Life by Penny Springmann available at SSD)

The next one required a little bit of creativity and a new skill, blending. This was a tough one for me I have never done anything quite like it, but I tried and here is my next one

( Credits: Lauren Grier's "Take Me Dancing", " She Loves to Dance" and also her new layered circle templates all available at SSD)

and last but no least here is my last one for the moment. It was for the Ad Challenge and here it is
(Credits" "Brr" by Melissa Bennett available at SSD)
Here's my little buddy all dressed up for his very first St. Patty's Day!

(Credits: "Lucky Charm" and "Itty Bits" by Dani Mogstad )

Maybe there will be more later, who knows. I really need to work on laundry, but there is always something more fun to do! Sometimes it really stinks to be an adult!