Life as a Bakers Wife

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Can you believe another month has come and gone. Before you know it spring will be here and the snow will be gone! Yippee! I know the boys are itching to get out and try their new bikes out. I cant say I blame them this cold is getting old. Today I did my February in review scrapbook page. So here we have it

(Credits: Melissa Bennett's "Smooches" kit available at SSD)

Today AJ started his homebound schooling. So far not too much work, but we will see as it progresses. I hope this helps him out.

I know Im cruel, but I was running out of pictures to scrapbook! Someday he might like to see these, you never know.

Well unlike some people I know my dryer is not broken, so i suppose I cant use that as an excuse not to do laundry. So off to do my never ending chore.