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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sunshine and Sandcastles Burn Camp 2009

For those of you who might not know AJ,my son, was burned pretty badly when he was much younger. He and his brother where playing outside in the sand box on a nice day much like today (in fact it was the beginning of June eleven years ago) when I decided it was time for baths. We climbed the stairs and in the split second that it took me to walk the five feet to their dresser to get out their pj's my older son (only two at the time) turned the bathtub on. We had just moved to the house and didn't realize how hot the water was set. AJ who loved baths climbed in diaper and all and was instantly scalded. It was the most horrible thing a mother could want to see. He was covered almost 64% of his body with 2nd and 3rd degree burns. We spent the next month in West Penn Burn Trauma Center where they took amazing care of both him and me (I stayed the entire stay with him) which brings me to my post today. AJ has since healed amazingly! really amazingly! Today is his fourth year attending Burn Camp through West Penn. It is an amazing opportunity to spend some time with other kids like him who have in some way or another been burned and helps them deal with the healing both physical and emotional. I always wondered if when the time came and he got older if I would allow him to attend, not because I didn't want him too, but because he was so young at the time of his accident I didn't think he would have the same feelings as some of the other kids. But it has been a wonderful experience and I am thankful they offer such a wonderful opportunity for these kids. So today I want to share a few pictures with you of AJ today getting ready to head of to Burn Camp. eating Pizza before they head of to Kennywood! What a way to start off camp!
Waiting to load the bus!
his buddy Nathan who he met his second year going!
Card games while waiting for the bus
traveling in style!

He's a Happy Camper!!!