Life as a Bakers Wife

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Take One For the Team

So lets see, Tonight has a baseball game his first official game of the year (his last one was a scrimage) I hope the weather stays nice for that. Also Tommorrow is his spring band concert. I cant believ the school year is almost over. Wow time flies.
I finished my April in Review page today. April was quite a busy month with Easter and Birthdays, and even Anniversarys. But it is over now and time to look forward to summer vacation.

Talking to my mom earlier she informed me that she wasnt sure how many grandchildren she had, she was beginning to think there was only two of them Emberly and Vinny. You see those two crazy pre-teen/teen boys of min like to avaid the camera at all cost. So i got the boys to sit quickly for a picture so she can show the family in Kentucky that there really are 4 of them. I love this picture
I will be back later with the game results. Till then take care!