Life as a Bakers Wife

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

AJ's Christmas Dance

I know I am just as surprised at the rest of you that I haven't yet posted about my baby's first Christmas dance. Well that's because Gina told me I had to wait till she fixed the pictures. Well she fixed the important one and I know she is a busy busy girl so here I am anyway.

Here are the flowers AJ bought for her.

Here he is anxiously awaiting her arrival.She is here and now it is time to put her flowers on her. He was oh so gentle and nice. NOT! Posing in front of the tree.
Oh look there is another girl all jealous and wanting to hang out with the most handsome guy in the whole town!Here they are being all shy! (This is one of the ones Gina retouched) Aren't they sweet!This one was taken from a friend cell phone at the dance.
And Well this is my handsome young man and yes he smells as good as he looks!