Life as a Bakers Wife

Monday, October 19, 2009

Jack-O-Lantern Time!

So Emberly could not wait to dig into her pumpkin and pull out the "Noodles" Yeah...until she stuck her hand inside and pulled out a handful of...yuck!Nate did pretty good for being a left handed. I got him a battery powered pumpkin cutter. Yippee!AJ had way too much fun with the pumpkin
And here we go! The Finished product! Emberly and her Spongebob pumpkin that her momma did for her.

Nate and his pirate (Note the eye patch) pumpkin!

And AJ and his cool scar faced pumpkin of doom.

Emmie and her very own creation! She drew it all by herself!

Emmie loves her big Cousin AJ!
Group Pumpkins! Aren't they great!

Can't wait till it gets dark!