Life as a Bakers Wife

Friday, October 2, 2009

Check Out these Baby's!

Its been a little while since I have posted any of my scrapbook pages. Things have been pretty hectic around here with work and helping the boys with their cyber schooling. I do have two new pages to show though
If you don't recognize this little cutie think of a sweet little red head. But I am sure you all know that this is princess Emberly. She has grown quite a bit since this photo was taken.This is another of our sweet baby's, but this is him now. He is such a cutie patootie.

I need to so some more scrapping, but sometimes its hard to get in the mood. I have been trying to come up with Christmas ideas, if you have suggestions let me know. I like to make you guys something special, doesn't mean I will make what you ask I just like to have new ideas.