Life as a Bakers Wife

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Is it Done Yet????

Nathan broke his wrist back on August 9th and I have to say it has been quite the experience. I hope one day he will look back and laugh at all of this.
Before i left for Atlantic City. He was supposed to get this cast off in just a few short days and he couldn't be more excited! Unfortunately they took this one off and put a new one on! Poor Guy! I have to say though we were all happy to see this one go it was getting pretty nasty!
This was right before we left yesterday to see the Orthopedic Dr. at Children's Hospital. He was supposed to be able and have the cast removed on September 22 however the bone was not healed. They put him in a new cast for another two weeks. He chose bright orange this time.
And still not healed! Four weeks in this thing! Good news is he can take it off to shower. The Dr. also wants him to try and exercise it a bit by rolling his wrist once or twice a day. He says it still hurts a bit. Hopefully When we go back in November it will have healed more and he can get rid of everything completely.

The Dr. said there is still a lot of swelling in the wrist bone and that it is healing, just very slowly. I got to see the xray and was shocked to see how badly it still looks. I hope this works for him, he is getting very frustrated with it.