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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ukrainian Eggs Take 1

Going threw some old picture CD's I found our very first attempts at Ukrainian Easter Eggs. I thought everyone would enjoy seeing their masterpieces.

First up is Kim. I love the Indian feel of this first one

And of course it wouldn't be Kim's if it wasn't some type of turquoise blue. Love the argyle and butterflies
Next up is me. I'm not sure what I was thinking with the brown outer color, but I kind of like it.

But I like this one a little bit better. Kind of has the whole poinsettia thing going on with it.

Now for Jessica's for the girl who cant remember even doing them it looks awesome! Especially for only being like 13 years old.

Then there is Gina's. She is such a show off (just kidding beans!) but hey she has done this before so she has one up on us. I love it!

And there you go! From the March 11, 2007 archives!


MD ARIFIEN said...

great job... i like it