Life as a Bakers Wife

Friday, April 9, 2010

What Season Is It ?? Baseball Season of course!!

Well guys it's that time of year again! Baseball season! Time to pull out those Red Sox T-shirts and get ready to support Nate at the Junior/Senior Field in Worthington! We are looking forward to a great season with Mike Anthony as our coach and his assistants Shawn Shaner and Scott Steffey. I will keep you guys updated on when Opening Day is as well as the rest of the seasons schedule. Don't forget to keep checking back once games start to see some of the highlights of the game in pictures.

Penny Springmann has an absolutely perfect kit coming out this Saturday called Batter Up! This might be by far my new favorite baseball kit! I only took two pics of the first practice but what the heck why not scrap them! So here is my new LO "Red Sox Practice"