Life as a Bakers Wife

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Potato T-Shirts

Tonight during craft night the kids made potato stamp T-shirts. The kids really seemed to enjoy making them.
Before they could get started with the paint they had to decide what they wanted on their shirt and cut the pieces out of a potato. AJ cut his own pieces, but Gina helped the girls out with this part.Emberly chose to make her shirt with "Toothless" the dragon on it.
Audri wanted an "I Love Cats" shirt. Heather helped Audri with putting the paint on the potato.
AJ wanted to make himself a "Gaming" T-shirt. I guess he thought it could be good luck for playing the X-Box 360

What a mess we made with the potato's!!!
Here is mom's T-shirt. She made Vinny his very own Navy shirt to support his mommy. Next is Emberly and her "Toothless" the Dragon T-shirt. She actually wrote with her left hand since she broke her right one.
Emmie models for us!
Audrianna and her "I Love Cat's" Shirt
Audri models for us too.
AJ's Gaming shirt. And AJ wanted to model his shirt too.
The girls had a great time crafting and playing together. They are always sad to see craft night come to an end.