Life as a Bakers Wife

Monday, February 8, 2010

Crazy Glo Golfing!

Tonight we were feeling a little bit of cabin fever so gathered the kiddos and the Berkers and went to the Mills for some Glo In The Dark Mini Golfing. In true AJ fashion he cleverly named his ball "Granite" I personally think he has been spending too much time studying minerals in science class.
AJ made a new friend while we were there too!

Unfortunately Alan did not! Poor Big Al!

The Berkers and Nate where in a group together. For some reason they where much faster than us.

OH No The big scary shark tried to eat my boys!!!!
and then they fought him off with their clubs!

AJ though he had some great technique!

and Big Al thought he was playing pool! (by the way he got it in!)

then a big scary Knight came out of no where and tried to attack us!

and AJ protected us!

Pretty Colors! It was all really neat!
Silly Monkeys!
Look I was there too!

We had fun! It did what it was meant to do, get us out of the house and have a good time. We needed it, especially since we have a bunch more snow on its way. Thanks Lee for the treat!