Life as a Bakers Wife

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall Formal 2011

Fall Formal was last night and the boys looked so handsome and grown up! They both had very sweet beautiful girls that they took. Both of them said they had an awesome time! That's what mom's like to hear

Here is AJ and his friend Crystal.... The florist messed up with her original flowers and sent pink to go with her dress, but we took them back and had them fix it.
Another of AJ and Crystal. She was just tickled because these where the first flowers anyone had ever given her.

Then there was Nate and his date Ashly. Ashly was running a bit late so we didn't get too many pictures of the two of them and the ones I do have are in the dark.

They all looked fabulous and had a great time. I'm sure they made memories that they will have forever....especially Nate :)