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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cupcakes! Epic Fail! (maybe)

I don't understand why I feel the need to complicate everything! Never was I taught that normal wasn't good enough but for some reason I feel that I have to go out of my way to make things extra special. Usually ending in either something fabulous or an absolute mess (most of the time both!) Nate has a bake sale tomorrow for baseball and I wanted to make him something awesome! I had seen these cute cupcakes in a jar online and though hey that's cool. So I set out to make these cool cakes! First of all I swear it is the hottest day of the summer by far so who in their right mind wants to bake. So I wait until it cools off a little this evening you know like around 9 to start these things. First I find that the cake mix I bought was funfetti so it had sprinkles in it....crap! That's not what I wanted at all! So I stuck the cake mix in the sifter and removes said sprinkles. OK cakes are baked! Now they need to cool..ok...I got that! I need my icing bags and tips I will go and find those....yeah good luck with that. I ended up after about an hour of looking high and low going to moms (its now almost midnight) for her coupler. I found a tip here that would do. OK back home, cakes are cool lets cut them out and put them together. Uh huh good idea unless the icing is just pouring out of the bag. So we stick the bag in the fridge and wait. Eventually this is what I came up with.

Oh wait that was my mess! Oops.Here they are...kind of cute huh? So now I put the lids plain!So I tie on a bow and whip out my silhouette machine (thanks mom) and cut out some stars! Sadly I only ended up with 8 jars. I just didn't have the time to try my hand at round 2. But hey 8 is better than 0 right?

So if your out and about stop by Foodland between 10 and 6 and help support the Senior League Boys go to the State Championships!


What I really think... said...

These are precious. I now want to make these! Everytime of the second half of the year, I become this cooking fanatic. Something bout late summer to new years does something to me. Maybe its because I'm a virgo?

Anonymous said...

Those look really nice :)