Life as a Bakers Wife

Monday, September 14, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday!

Well it has really been a day! But instead of boring you with all of that fun stuff. How about I just show you a couple of scrap book pages I finished up today.
First We have the boy "at school". It is so weird to have them home everyday. So far things are going OK, but we still don't have text books. I guess they are supposed to be here by Wednesday.
The next one is from Gina's trip to Colorado. I love the great pictures of Emmie and Cierra hanging out.

I have another page almost done, but It still needs a little work. So I guess you will have to come back maybe tomorrow and see if I finished.

by the way only 8 more shopping days until my birthday! I like Chocolate and Giraffes! (but not chocolate giraffes!)