Life as a Bakers Wife

Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's Cheesecake Day!

In Honor of National Cheesecake day, I am sharing with you my favorite kind of cheesecake!
I love Turtle Cheesecake, (Well I think I love Turtle anything!) The combination of chocolate, caramel and nuts makes me very happy! Doesn't that look amazing!! Too bad I am watching what I eat right now! Well at least trying too!

I do have one more page finished and since we are talking about baked goods its only fitting that this page is for the cookie decorating challenge.

look at my little buddy grow! He came to see me last night, but he and his momma got stuck in the rain! He was All wet! Good thing Auntie had dry clothes for him! His Momma got to raid AJ's drawers! lol

Well that's about all for today! I have to go and do some research on what we wanna do for our family day trip Saturday. Yay!!!